Changing The Game for A Fresh New Start: EMPOWERMENT 2020 with Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW founder of Mindrise

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Changing The Game for A Fresh New Start: EMPOWERMENT 2020 with Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW founder of Mindrise

Hey everyone—so excited to be part of the KDEER community, can’t tell you how endlessly honored we are to be part of such an important conversation—how we step into a new year and POWER up our lives. Before we get started, I want to say hello, introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about how I showed up on the scenes. 

I’m Bailey—I’m a psychotherapist, coach, author, speaker, mama, yogi, daughter, friend, wife, leader, occasional lasagne maker, and founder of Mindrise. I share with you all the hats I wear because I want you to think about all the hats you wear, all the roles you play, and all the responsibilities you have. 

Now put all of them on the shelf because this year, we are doing it differently. Done are the days where we are doing things out of obligation. Now is the time for you to rise. This is what we believe and why the amazing crew at K-DEER invited us to have this conversation with you. At Mindrise, we help leaders and entrepreneurs to gain clarity and master their mindset through life + leadership coaching. 

OK 2020...let’s do this!! 

Changing The Game for A Fresh New Start: EMPOWERMENT 2020

Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW founder of Mindrise 

That’s what we’re calling it—a campaign for a new start: 2020 Empowerment—it’s about changing the game for a new year, a fresh decade. Consider this a fresh page to write your story. Allow this to be the year where you write your story with whole- hearted intention and clarity of vision. 

This isn’t about deciding our goals from the place of lack—of where we haven’t yet reached the mark or hit the goal and therefore our resolutions sound something like, “this is the year Ifinallylose 10, 20, 30lbs” or “This is the year Ifinallyquit (insert dead- end self-loathing habit here).” 

The days of trying to get it “right” or “be perfect” are over—we’re doing it differently this decade. 

We’re changing the game on goal setting, mindset, and most importantly how we power up our lives. That’s why we’re all about EMPOWERMENT 2020 as our campaign for a new year, a new outlook, a new way of approaching life that’s less “are we there yet?” and more about enjoying the journey. 

So here’s the deal—over the next few weeks we are going to be sharing with you how we do things at Mindrise, bringing to you a new way of doing things—game changing goal setting, figuring out how to finally get out of our own way, and ultimately how to really create a ripple effect of good vibes all around us. 

You in? 

Here’s what to expect: 

  1. First thing’s first—let’s clear the decks upstairs—your MINDSET. We’re going to help you to identify what keep getting in their way (AKA head noise).
  2. Next is all about VISION, we’re going to teach you how to design a vision for what you really want (not just what you think you “should” want).
  3. Then it’s time to move our feet on making our 2020 vision of empowerment a reality, we’ll show you exactly how to step into developing a game plan to take action (rather than waiting for some day).
  4. Finally, we’ll be wrapping the whole experience up with a pay it forward perspective, highlighting gratitude, connection, and the ripple effect of making an impact. 


Let’s dive into the mainframe where we really make changes—our MINDSET. For better or worse, your head is calling the shots. The good news is, this is where we can really make changes that last. The seemingly small shifts we make in the way we think, the language we use, and the stories we tell ourselves can have compounding effects over time, impacting the way we live, the choice we make, and ultimately the life we design for ourselves. Knowing this, let’s use our powers for good instead of evil. 

A.  Start by clearing out the closet of your mind—what are 3 thoughts or beliefs that you have that aren’t working for you. These are the ones that when you think about them, they create a pit of your stomach feeling, a “less than” feeling, or a “what if...(disaster strikes and the whole world comes crashing down around me)” feeling. 

B.  Ask yourself these 2 mindset shift questions: 

1.  What does having these negative beliefs hold me back from having?

2.  What would you rather believe instead? 

For example, if your negative belief was,“I’ll never find my purpose in life, I’ll be stuck where I am forever,”then you might be feeling hopeless, worthless, discouraged, stuck, or frozen in indecision. 

C.  Let’s work through this together...Try out this MINDSET SHIFT: 

1.  Feeling like(insert negative belief).

2.  These feelings hold me back from...(insert what these negative beliefs hold you back from having).

3.  Instead, I would rather(insert what you would rather believe instead). 

From the example above, here’s what this process would look like in practice: 

Feeling like I’ll never find my purpose in life makes me feel stuck, frozen, and worthless. These feelings hold me back from... feeling hopeful, trying something new, putting myself out there, having a life that lights me up and makes me feel alive. 

Instead, I would rather believe that I can turn things around, that it might take time but that if I start to allow myself the opportunity to feel and be curious instead of stuck or frozen that I’ll be able to make small shifts and point myself in the direction of change. 

Now it’s your turn, let’s change the script on your life. Let’s change your life. Let’s do it differently this year—here’s to EMPOWERMENT 2020!! 


Next up—we’re taking you through VISION, we’re going to teach you how to design a vision for what you really want (not just what you think you “should” want), keep your eyes on your inbox. 

Ready for more? Join us at Mindrise for our Fire Your Fears 10 Day Challenge, get started by clicking here.

BIO: Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW

Bailey is a groundbreaking psychotherapist, author, speaker, coach and mentor to ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs. She provides the roadmap and the means to travel out of frustration & overwhelm into action & purpose.

Bailey has been named one of the ‘Top 20 life coaches to watch’ by 

She is the author ofOwn Your Power: Your Guide to Feeling Powerful, Fearless, and Free. Her work has been published in Huffington Post, Aspire Magazine, Natural Awakenings, Popexpert, Elephant Journal, and on numerous blogs as a guest author. 

Bailey is also a featured author in the best-selling anthology,Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening To Gratitude & Grace through Inspired Living. 

Through her 1 on 1 Coaching, coach training, live events, and the Mindrise Collective, Bailey directly affects leaders and entrepreneurs and their connection to purpose so that they can take the actions they haven’t been able to before. With over 10 years of service, Bailey cuts through the fog of feeling stuck or overwhelmed and shines her spotlight on your right path. Say hello on Facebook and Instagram

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Catherine Langrock
Catherine Langrock

February 11, 2020

I enjoyed this post tremendously! Thank you. The link to the fireyourfears didn’t seem to work and I’d love some more info!

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