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  • Memorial Day Inspiration!

    Posted on May 19 2017

    "I come from a military family -  my father was in the Marine Corps, my sister is active duty Air Force working in intelligence, one brother was in the Navy and my youngest brother is in the Army serving overseas in Korea.  We love what this country has continued to offered us and understand the sacrifices a family makes being back home and having someone close to you in a combat zone.

    I was also married to a combat veteran who served at the height of the war. He came home with mental issues and struggled being back in the states dealing with what went on overseas. I also battled through these issues with zero understanding what was going on. But thanks to the help of courses and military resources, I now have a better understanding about PTSD through the eyes of a military family member. We are friends today, and I always encourage those who deserve our help and devotion for what they did for us. 

    Looking back, I am grateful I could be there for him and learn so much. Its a side not very much discussed under the face of Wounded Warriors and suicide prevention for our veterans. T.A.P.S. helps with families that deal with the sudden loss of our honored serving military member and I am so grateful for that! “

    - Vanessa B. 

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    "I was drawn to the military because of the service component, but also in large part to work with Women in a place where they are often in the minority. I am able to build relationships with phenomenal Women, minister to them when they experience the challenges and trauma of life, and provide a unique perspective as a female chaplain in a predominately male career field. The last I heard, 5% of Air Force chaplains are female, but you may want to double check that! In any case, there are only a handful of us! Of course I love working with ALL service members, male and female, but being part of such a dedicated community, there is something unique about the camaraderie between women in the military. It is an honor to serve with and for the ~1% of the population that has chosen to dedicate their life to their country!”

    - Alexis, Air Force Chaplain

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    Do YOU have an inspiring story to share? Email with the email subject "Inspirational Story" to possibly be featured in a future K-DEER campaign! 

  • Day in the life...

    Posted on September 20 2016

    What's your day like? Crazy, always changing? Needing some inspiration and motivation? Let's play the day out.. 

    7:00am Wake up. Get dressed, make a smoothie and run out the door to make it to class on time.

    7:45am Arrive at the Barre Studio, accept compliments on my leggings.

    8:00am Class begins and within 10 minutes, the sweat has started and my face is glistening. By the looks of my pants, you can't tell I've broken a sweat.

    9:00am Class ends, wipe down my mat and props, wash my face and get ready to leave. Chat with the girls in the lobby and by the time I'm out the door at 9:15, my leggings are perfectly dry and I'm ready to head to the office.

    10:00am Meeting at Starbucks with a colleague, accept another compliment as I'm waiting for my latte at the counter.

    Back to the office, rocking my leggings, moto-boots, sweater and scarf. Black leather bag, cell phone and a spritz of Prada Candy.

    1:30pm Lunch meeting, looking chic and totally comfortable with my high waisted stretchy leggings ;)

    4:30pm Walk around the block to get away from my phone and computer. Switched to my fav sneakers and my athleisure look is still on fleek.

    6:30pm Last few emails and calls of the day. Call to confirm dinner reservation.

    7:45pm Switched into my Prada wedge heel booties, draped silk blouse and cross body YSL bag. Arrived at restaurant and the hostess loved my outfit, another compliment on my leggings. 

    10:30pm Polished off dinner, a few drinks and got a text about a party downtown. Life's too short, I'm in.

    11:30pm Finally hailed a cab. So happy I'm wearing my stretchy leggings because dinner and drinks have me feeling full! 

    11:50pm Midnight is upon us and the vibe is hot, I can tell it's going to be a good night.

    12:45am Feeling confident, sexy and totally comfortable. Dancing like no one is watching, even though I keep getting checked out- must be the leggings. 

    1:40am Calling it a night. Uber is on it's way and I can't wait to take my shoes off. 

    2:15am Home sweet home. Might just pass out in my leggings...

    All day, any day. Wearing my K-DEER leggings are without a doubt the best decision I make all day, because there is no telling where the day will take me. They keep me comfortable, put together and showing up with confidence in any circumstance. 

    The 'Made for Midnight' Collection has something for everyone.

    Tempo- this print pulses to it's own beat, high energy, vibrant and an homage to our favorite ombre trend.

    Hype- with an impacting periwinkle pop of color, this print gets us hyped up too.

    Flirt- just a little wink of a print that will give any outfit that pop of something special.

    Hustle- the name says it all, a go get-em kind of print with rich jade and teal tones.


    Best part about launching this collection is that it now includes our new ANKLE length! With a 25" inseam, this new length falls in between our Capri and Legging. The ANKLE length was created in response to wanting a legging to wear with sneakers. Our full length Legging (30" inseam) and Capri (20") lengths remain the same.

  • Winter Collection 2016: HAUTE in NYC

    Posted on April 11 2016

    New York City comes alive in new ways every season. This winter, K-DEER is kicking off the new year with a fresh, bold, vibrant collection of prints that exudes the energy of NYC. From the Upper East side to downtown Soho, any print can make your heart pump to the same beat of the city.
    Delancy is a nod to late bohemian nights on the LES. This patchwork print mixes up a classic paisley bandana so that it's hip and haute- you will love the scale and vibrancy of this print. Wear to class, then toss on boots to head to lunch. Layer with black, charcoal or white to make a winter statement work on your mat or in the streets.
    Think of New York City, and you enter an empire state of mind… Empire is a K-DEER original: classy, sexy and all-around flattering. It’s a no-brainer print that goes everywhere with you. It won't overpower when you want to hang back, but it’s sophisticated, elegant and bold enough to be special for a night out. I’m pretty sure these were made for black Louboutin pumps and a studded Balenciaga handbag, don’t you think?
    Hudson is exciting, energizing and totally statement-making. This diagonal zebra-inspired print is the MOST flattering and wildly motivating print of this collection. We run K-DEER from Jersey, but also love NYC. The Hudson river is what flows through this love story, and we think you will fall for Hudson too!


    Gotham is the essence of NYC: chaotic, artistic, fierce and energized. Layers of grey, black, white and charcoal splatter this print with a perfect balance. When you wear Gotham, you sport a high-energy look while keeping your palette neutral. Gotham is a go-to print when you want to kick it up a notch for a late night romp downtown or ultra motivated spin class.

    Tribeca is the lady of the collection, as classy and sophisticated as Empire, but she makes her impact with sharp black and white. Make a statement by adding your own pop of color on top, or go subtle with a long black sweater, layered scarves and short leather boots. Tribeca is downtown cool, elegant and classic. 

    Our Signature Stripe of this collection is Jennifer, named after Jennifer Bandier, female entrepreneur and founder of Bandier, the NYC based luxe athleisure retailer. Dedicated to help raise proceeds for Culture for One, an NYC organization that provides children in foster care with cultural experiences, enriching their intellectual development and elevating their personal aspirations. For every pair of Jennifer Stripe Leggings bought on, a donation will be made to Culture for One.
    Thank you Caitlin Pulzone, Rachel Ackerman and Jessica Jablonski for your beauty and grace in our Winter 2016 photos! You truly embody the joy and confidence we hope to share with everyone through our collection!
  • Thank you for your support!

    Posted on January 14 2016

    In light of the hundreds of shares, comments and personal messages, the K-DEER team and I would like to thank you for sharing your loyal and heartfelt support. I'm so honored to be surrounded by a community of people who respect us and honor the values that our business has been built upon, as reflected in our Signature Stripes.

    Do you know the story about our stripes? Every stripe gives back in honor of a woman who has given much to me. Our unique, ombre stripes were our first original print that launched our journey forward into the designs and quality of apparel you have come to know today. 
    As each stripe is created, I name them after an inspiring woman in my life to highlight her impact on me, the community and the world. For each woman, there is a cause that she cares deeply about and through each impactful stripe, we bring awareness and financial support to a deserving cause: aphasia, pediatric cancer, domestic violence, cancer caregiver support and foster care support plus more to come. A portion of the sale of each Signature Stripe legging is donated to the designated charity. That’s how we give back, one stripe at a time.

    Join us in our mission of shifting awareness and shedding light on shadows. When you are rocking out your favorite stripe and get complimented, tell your admirer about what they represent. 

    In Jody, tell them that aphasia is caused by stroke or brain tumor, affecting the ability to speak but not affecting one's intellect. 

    In Josephine, tell them that pediatric cancer is the second leading cause of death in children and by donating to a pediatric cancer organization, researchers will get closer to a cure. 

    In Maranda, tell them your leggings were designed to shed light on domestic abuse because so many people are too afraid to come forward and stand up to or leave their abuser.  

    In Sophia and Kayley, tell them your leggings represent the caregivers that provide love, care and daily support for our loved ones, whether they are going through cancer or any illness or struggle.

    In Jennifer, tell them that a portion of proceeds of your leggings are supporting foster children getting access to cultural activities to inspire and enlighten them in NYC.

    In Alexis, tell them the story of the stripes and share with your admirer that if you could help bring awareness to a special cause it would be ________.  Alexis is our "universal donor" and represents the unique cause and message each of us has in our hearts. 

    Let the stripe you wear not only empower you, but those in your life. Let the stripes speak for themselves or help be a voice for a cause that needs to be heard. We will do the same.

    We pride ourselves in the work we do, holding ourselves accountable to always provide a unique, fashion-forward collection of styles and prints of the highest possible quality, made right here in the USA. As we continue to grow our collection and expand on our original designs, we promise to maintain these standards of care for your experiences with K-DEER. 

    With love, Kristine Deer, Founder and CEO

    A special thank you to Claire Zillman of Fortune Magazine for your interest in bringing this situation to light.

    To read more

  • Signature Stripes - Jennifer

    Posted on December 27 2015

    All of our Signature Stripes are named to honor someone dear to K-DEER founder and designer, Kristine. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for non-profit organizations by celebrating the amazing women in her life, and giving back, one stripe at a time.

    How did the Jennifer Stripe get named? 

    Our Jennifer Stripe is named after Jennifer Bandier, founder of the luxe athleisure retailer, Bandier. After a broken ankle left her to rehabilitate in comfy active wear, she  hunted down the best active fashion brands out there and opened her first store in 2014. When K-DEER connected with Bandier buyers, and Jennifer and Kristine met, they soon found a mutual connection to Syracuse University, entrepreneurship and the hottest designs in active fashion.

    Kristine dedicated this haute stripe to Jennifer to highlight the fierce, female entrepreneur behind the brand. Additionally, Jennifer is a likeminded business woman who cares about the people in her community, and through her involvement on the board of an NYC-based charity, Kristine knew this dedication would hold the integrity that all the stripes bear. 

    What was the inspiration for the color combo of the Jennifer?

    When you think about the active New York girl, she loves her black and grey, no doubt. But what makes Jennifer stand out is that rush of hot red, grabbing your attention and making the statement, "watch out, here I come." It blended perfectly into our hot winter collection, launching January 4th, highlighting the energy and vibrancy of NYC through a story of black, grey, white and red. 

    How does my purchase give back, one stripe at a time?

    A portion of the profits from the sale of each Jennifer stripe legging on goes directly to Culture for One, a charity that Jennifer is actively involved with. Culture for One provides children in foster care with cultural experiences that enrich a child's intellectual development and elevate their personal aspirations. They broaden the children's horizons through both exposure to the arts and the support of adults who encourage each child and serve as mentors.

    To learn more about Culture for One go to