Q&A with Candice of the Candice Stripe

March 05, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Q&A with Candice of the Candice Stripe

Hi! I’m Candice and I am honored to become an official part of the K-DEER Family. I have been friends with Kristine since we did Jimmy Barkan’s Teacher Training together in 2010 and still have some K-DEER original, hand sewn bum bums from those days! Now, I am lucky enough to manage and teach at Jimmy’s Hot Yoga studio in Boca Raton, FL. Recently, I also began leading luxury yoga retreats, combining my passions of yoga and travel.

Tell us about your connection with Kindness Matters 365 & why you selected their organization for the Candice Stripe.
Laura Reiss, the founder of Kindness Matters, is a dear friend of mine. When we opened the yoga studio in Boca Raton, Laura was one of our very first students and her Kindness Vision was still in its infancy. It’s so exciting watching the rapid growth of her organization, and at times even getting to be a part of it. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the negative and craze of much of the world we live in today - Laura’s work consistently reminds us of the good in each other.
Beyond that, teaching kindness as both a value and a skill to the next generation is one of the ways we can truly be the change. This is exactly what the programming Kindness Matters produces is doing in schools and communities throughout the nation, and I’m so happy to have this opportunity to help contribute to their work.
Why is the work that they do even more important now that you've become a mom?
There are so many amazing things about getting to be a mom… there are also so many new worries that never existed before! One of them is certainly what type of world will Hannah grow up in. Not only do I hope to instill the concept that Kindness Matters into my little girl, but I hope that the world around her can also begin to understand the importance, and giant ripple effects, of simple kindness. I truly believe that the work of Kindness Matters 365 can help this hope become a reality and the next generation will have more tools to make kindness a priority.
What are some ways that you practice kindness in your everyday life?
Part of managing a yoga studio is balancing running a small business with creating a community of yogis. I don’t want my students to feel like they are a transaction. I hope that my kindness comes through with my simple, everyday interactions with my yoga community. Whether you’re a first time student or someone we get to see almost everyday, I try to help our yogis leave our space lighter than they came in. By providing a safe space that allows a true release of negative physical or emotional energy, I hope they can then go pay that forward with how they live out the rest of their day.
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Laura Reiss
Laura Reiss

April 15, 2019

I LOVE US!!!!!
K-Deer Candice Kindness!!!

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