Memorial Day Inspiration!

May 19, 2017 2 min read

"I come from a military family -  my father was in the Marine Corps, my sister is active duty Air Force working in intelligence, one brother was in the Navy and my youngest brother is in the Army serving overseas in Korea.  We love what this country has continued to offered us and understand the sacrifices a family makes being back home and having someone close to you in a combat zone.

I was also married to a combat veteran who served at the height of the war. He came home with mental issues and struggled being back in the states dealing with what went on overseas. I also battled through these issues with zero understanding what was going on. But thanks to the help of courses and military resources, I now have a better understanding about PTSD through the eyes of a military family member. We are friends today, and I always encourage those who deserve our help and devotion for what they did for us. 

Looking back, I am grateful I could be there for him and learn so much. Its a side not very much discussed under the face of Wounded Warriors and suicide prevention for our veterans. T.A.P.S. helps with families that deal with the sudden loss of our honored serving military member and I am so grateful for that! “

- Vanessa B. 

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"I was drawn to the military because of the service component, but also in large part to work with Women in a place where they are often in the minority. I am able to build relationships with phenomenal Women, minister to them when they experience the challenges and trauma of life, and provide a unique perspective as a female chaplain in a predominately male career field. The last I heard, 5% of Air Force chaplains are female, but you may want to double check that! In any case, there are only a handful of us! Of course I love working with ALL service members, male and female, but being part of such a dedicated community, there is something unique about the camaraderie between women in the military. It is an honor to serve with and for the ~1% of the population that has chosen to dedicate their life to their country!”

- Alexis, Air Force Chaplain

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