Day in the life...

September 20, 2016 2 min read

Day in the life...

What's your day like? Crazy, always changing? Needing some inspiration and motivation? Let's play the day out.. 

7:00am Wake up. Get dressed, make a smoothie and run out the door to make it to class on time.

7:45am Arrive at the Barre Studio, accept compliments on my leggings.

8:00am Class begins and within 10 minutes, the sweat has started and my face is glistening. By the looks of my pants, you can't tell I've broken a sweat.

9:00am Class ends, wipe down my mat and props, wash my face and get ready to leave. Chat with the girls in the lobby and by the time I'm out the door at 9:15, my leggings are perfectly dry and I'm ready to head to the office.

10:00am Meeting at Starbucks with a colleague, accept another compliment as I'm waiting for my latte at the counter.

Back to the office, rocking my leggings, moto-boots, sweater and scarf. Black leather bag, cell phone and a spritz of Prada Candy.

1:30pm Lunch meeting, looking chic and totally comfortable with my high waisted stretchy leggings ;)

4:30pm Walk around the block to get away from my phone and computer. Switched to my fav sneakers and my athleisure look is still on fleek.

6:30pm Last few emails and calls of the day. Call to confirm dinner reservation.

7:45pm Switched into my Prada wedge heel booties, draped silk blouse and cross body YSL bag. Arrived at restaurant and the hostess loved my outfit, another compliment on my leggings. 

10:30pm Polished off dinner, a few drinks and got a text about a party downtown. Life's too short, I'm in.

11:30pm Finally hailed a cab. So happy I'm wearing my stretchy leggings because dinner and drinks have me feeling full! 

11:50pm Midnight is upon us and the vibe is hot, I can tell it's going to be a good night.

12:45am Feeling confident, sexy and totally comfortable. Dancing like no one is watching, even though I keep getting checked out- must be the leggings. 

1:40am Calling it a night. Uber is on it's way and I can't wait to take my shoes off. 

2:15am Home sweet home. Might just pass out in my leggings...

All day, any day. Wearing my K-DEER leggings are without a doubt the best decision I make all day, because there is no telling where the day will take me. They keep me comfortable, put together and showing up with confidence in any circumstance. 

The 'Made for Midnight' Collection has something for everyone.

Tempo- this print pulses to it's own beat, high energy, vibrant and an homage to our favorite ombre trend.

Hype- with an impacting periwinkle pop of color, this print gets us hyped up too.

Flirt- just a little wink of a print that will give any outfit that pop of something special.

Hustle- the name says it all, a go get-em kind of print with rich jade and teal tones.


Best part about launching this collection is that it now includes our new ANKLE length! With a 25" inseam, this new length falls in between our Capri and Legging. The ANKLE length was created in response to wanting a legging to wear with sneakers. Our full length Legging (30" inseam) and Capri (20") lengths remain the same.

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