Meet Terri Peri: Breaking Cultural Barriers and Bringing Joy

March 07, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

Meet Terri Peri:  Breaking Cultural Barriers and Bringing Joy

In honor of International Women's Day, we're putting the spotlight on a woman who embodies the spirit of lifting up other women.  For years, Terri Peri has supported PINKATHON, India's largest women's run, bringing awareness to women's health issues, particularly breast cancer.  For socioeconomic and cultural reasons, many Indian women are discouraged from participating in exercise.  Terri's dedication has helped countless women discover the joy of running and the empowerment that follows.  Below, Terri shares her story, in her own words: 

I'm originally from Southern California and received my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from University of Southern California and Master’s Degree in Tax from Georgetown University in Washington, DC and currently reside in Northern New Jersey. I'm a Director with KPMG US, have been with the company over 30 years, currently supporting a team of tax professionals in Bangalore and Kochi, with the opportunity to travel to India generally twice a year. 
A group of women running.

I learned about PINKATHON through a co-worker on our Bangalore team. Milind Soman, PINKATHON's founder, realized women's participation in running events in India was extremely low, generally for cultural reasons as detailed in this video and created the women's only run as a comfortable space for women to run.  Keeping a regular fitness routine has always been a priority for me and as a thyroid cancer survivor I was asked to speak at a PINKATHON promotional event in 2015, encouraging the women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've stayed connected to the event ever since. With each visit, I'm able to connect to women running groups that have started because of PINKATHON, and it's been exciting to see the increase in participation and the integration of fitness into their life. I'm continually inspired by the women I meet, reminding me of Kathrine Switzer and the trail she blazed for women's participation in running events in the late 1960's.  So too, are these women breaking cultural barriers in India today.


My work in India, fitness and priority for a healthy lifestyle made a natural connection to PINKATHON and its mission. I'm not sure if I found PINKATHON, or if it found me. It reminds me of K-Deer's own charity mission with their striped leggings  -  starting with one pair at a time. I've been honored to have K-Deer's support.  


In 2017 a journalist joined Terri at PINKATHON. Read more here and here.



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Terri Peri
Terri Peri

May 12, 2020

Mrs Sechrist – so sweet of you to comment. I am a bit taller :-) Some of my favorite memories growing up are with you and the orchestra and nothing makes me happier than having one of my boys as a professional musician. Much Love, Terri

Carolyn Sechrist
Carolyn Sechrist

March 23, 2020

Wow! What a role model for these ladies you are! And what a wonderful cultural connection for you! Your mom would be sooo proud! I had a beautiful, high school Indian cello student for a couple of years who was a talented ethnic dancer. You must tower over them all! Stay healthy and keep those steps coming! ! Much love, Carolyn

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