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October 30, 2017 3 min read 1 Comment

Angelique Robles
Blogger, Social Media Manager & Beauty Editor at FabUplus

1. Whats a typical day like for you?
A typical day for me includes praying with my husband first thing in the morning, spending some time in my office working on my children’s book and memoir then taking my dog Bo out for his morning walk.

After that I’ll start my day working with FabUplus Magazine, blog posts, social media, editing website content. 

Then I’ll pick up my beautiful niece Ashley from ballet practice and she will tag along with me running any errands I have. Grocery shopping is our favorite! She always finds the best treats! 

After spending time with her I’ll drop her off then head home and hopefully start getting ready for a small date night with my hubby. Fall time means lots of scary movies coming out which is our fav! So my vote is always for a movie date! 

2. Can you share with us your wellness routine?
I think it’s really important to have a balanced wellness routine. A lot of people think if you are hitting the gym everyday you are fully set. For me, wellness starts first thing every morning with my mind. Spending time in prayer and worship, that has to be the first thing I do. That way as my day unfolds whatever is thrown my way I feel mentally and spiritually prepared. 

Another thing would be changing up my fitness routine. I can’t stand doing the same thing everyday at the gym. So I’ll try yoga, dance, taking my dog for a walk, etc.
I have to change it up or I get bored!

3. What inspires you about the body positive community?
What inspires me about the BP community is how powerful it is. This community is filled with the most gorgeous men and women inside and out that are so passionate about spreading the body positive message it’s almost intoxicating. 

I wish there was such a thing while I was growing up. The body positive community is for everyone who unapologetically loves themselves. No matter the age, no matter the size, no matter the race, no matter the gender. It’s about embracing everything about yourself and loving YOU! I love that!!

4. You reached out to us to tell us how much you love K-DEER. Can you share more?
I love K-DEER because they include everyone. I don’t have to feel left out of their stunning designs because of my size.  

The comfort is unlike anything I’ve ever tried and they are seriously the most versatile! I don’t have to be stuck with a solid boring pattern or black leggings, I can spruce up any look because of how awesome the patterns are!

My favorite aspect would be that they give back! They stand for something! It’s awesome to have a company that is all inclusive, but to add that they are making a difference with so many different charities just puts them over the top. - Angelique Robles

Angelique Robles is a Children’s book author, blogger, fashion editor for The International Magazine, Beauty Editor for FabUplus Magazine, Plus Size Model and Body Positive Advocate.

Angelique isn’t your typical model. She’s not even your average plus-size model. At 5’3 and 280 pounds, she’s breaking down barriers and crushing stereotypes by not letting the modeling industry’s body standards stop her from being successful at her gorgeous size, which is a size 28.

Los Angeles born and Fontana bred, Mrs. Robles has been modeling since 2015 and has already appeared in numerous magazines such as Love U Magazine, FabUplus Magazine, and even graced the COVER of Femme Plus Magazine. Her Fairytale themed blog takes you through her and her husbands journey with struggling to start a family and overcoming loss with the passing of their Quadruplets. Her blog covers everything from Body Positivity, Fashion, Food, to more serious topics like fertility and adoption.

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Rachele Bittarelli
Rachele Bittarelli

October 26, 2018

You look amazing. It shows how comfortable you are with yourself. Which makes you look even more beautiful and at peace. Which for me being at peace with myself is something I have to really work on. I have to learn to love myself again. It’s a slow process. But you are aspiring!! Thank you for sharing ❤️

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