K-DEER's founder shares the importance of mental wellness & how Bring Change to Mind is helping to fight against the stigma.

January 30, 2019 2 min read

K-DEER's founder shares the importance of mental wellness & how Bring Change to Mind is helping to fight against the stigma.

January is Mental Wellness Month—and as we approach its end, let's keep in mind that mental wellness should always be a priority. 
The Molly Signature Stripe is a #ConversationStarter, bringing awareness and empathy to the struggles of mental illness. For each sale of the Molly Stripe, 5% of e-commerce proceeds goes directly to support Bring Change to Mind, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging dialogue about mental health, and to raising awareness, understanding, and empathy.
Every individual who speaks out inspires another. And another. That’s how we’ll end the stigma around mental illness. That’s how we’ll Bring Change to Mind.
Bring Change to Mind developed a national student-led high school program and currently serves 5,000 students in 180 schools. This program encourages teens to learn and explore mental health topics in a safe and supportive environment. As students engage and talk about mental health, BC2M's tools and resources help them to normalize the conversations and eliminate stigma within their communities. BC2M Talk Tool: https://bringchange2mind.org/talk/talk-tool/
I began getting anxiety as early as second grade. It would manifest in hives and force me to close myself off and I can even remember losing interest in school and social opportunities. Back then it wasn’t something that generation talked about openly so it wasn’t addressed. As I got older, it evolved and by the time I reached college, depression hit me hard. I wish I was exposed to an organization like BC2M as early as high school, as it would have helped me to identify my symptoms as depression and anxiety. From there, I could have worked with a therapist or doctor to help treat my issues instead of allowing them to dictate so much of my formidable years. 
Now, I continue to manage my symptoms with medication, the right foods, exercise and meditation. Stress can trigger my anxiety and I know when to take a break, turn on my Calm App or just go for a walk. It’s also helpful to reach out to someone you trust or love to share your feelings or struggle. Sometimes I just call a good friend and ask her to tell me a funny story about when we were younger and it helps reconnect me to positive feelings and gratitude. 
Through your purchases of the Molly Stripe last year, we were able to support one Bring Change to Mind high school club that is helping to make a difference. Thank you for joining us to support this amazing organization. Be a #conversationstarter or feel free to share your story with us at hello@k-deer.com. Know that you are never alone and we are more than happy to suggest resources to help if we can. 
With love and kindness,

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