A Q&A with Ashton August & Michelle Stanger of YogiApproved #TreePose4Trees

February 01, 2019 2 min read

A Q&A with Ashton August & Michelle Stanger of YogiApproved #TreePose4Trees

Michelle & Ashton are wearing the Izzy Signature Stripe

Tell us about the YogiApproved Plant a Tree program and how it got started?

YogiApproved.com is a yoga + healthy lifestyle digital magazine and also the platform forYA Classes, the unlimited online yoga + fitness membership by YogiApproved™. YA Classes plants a tree for each class a member completes through theirPlant a Tree Program withTrees For the Future, a non-profit thathelps small farmers by revitalizing degraded lands inSenegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea, and Uganda.

We love dedicating our yoga practice to helping others and we know YA Classes members share that same compassion. So we thought planting a tree for every class completed was a great way to give back. Not only will YA Classes members feel great after completing their class, they will also feel great knowing they helped others to feel great too.

What are ways other people can get involved with this cause?

Anyone can contribute directly toTrees For the Future and we would welcome the added support! Just check out their site and donate now. ;)

You can also head to Instagram and join K-DEER + YA Classes in our #TreePose4Trees challenge! For every Tree Pose photo posted between February 1st - February 15th with the #TreePose4Trees hashtag on Instagram, K-DEER and YA Classes will each plant a tree!

It’s that simple.

You can follow us on Instagram too@ashtonaugustyoga +@arifishmama. We would love to connect with you and see your Tree Pose variations!

Do you have any tips on how to perfect your tree pose?

Tree Pose is one of our favorite foundational poses. It requires you to stand tall and firm to keep your balance, but also requires you to embrace subtle shifts, sways and movements in your body. Incorporating Tree Pose into your daily practice can remind you to keep the balance when you’re on and off the mat.

Here are a few tips to help you practice Tree Pose:

  • Spend a few moments awakening your feet. This will help you stay balanced and grounded when balancing on one foot. We like to roll our feet on a tennis ball or even stomp a few times.
  • Be sure your hips are warm and open. We like to make large hip circles when in Table Top Pose to help prepare the hips for Tree Pose.
  • Visualize your midline when in Tree Pose and actively engage everything toward the center of your body. Keep your palms and feet active as well.
  • Engage your core. Your core is more than the surface level six-pack many of us picture. Your core begins at your pelvic floor and continues to your diaphragm. Not keeping this engaged makes balancing a lot more work!
  • Breathe. Once you have built your foundation in your Tree Pose be sure you bring your awareness back to your breath. Then find gratitude for the balance you have just created in your mind and body.   
  • Have fun :)

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