Back to School Yoga Tools with Amy Zambrano

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Back to School Yoga Tools with Amy Zambrano

Amy Zambrano is the Jersey Shore’s leading Youth Yoga Master teacher, sharing yoga movement and mindfulness in schools to support students and teachers for academic success, social emotional learning, and personal growth. Over the past decade, Amy has taught thousands of children and adults with her classroom yoga programs, yoga coaching for youth athletes, yoga summer camps, professional development workshops, school assemblies and more! Amy is passionate about sharing her love of yoga to leave a positive impact on all she meets.
Back to School Yoga Tools
Pack your backpack with yoga! Have a smart start to the school year with these back to school yoga tools for a happy and healthy school year! Incorporating these yoga tools and techniques into daily routines, classroom brain breaks, transition times, before or after homework assists with the physical, cognitive and emotional well being for a successful student both in and out of the classroom.
The following yoga tools are designed to:
Increase strength, flexibility and balance both physically and mentally
Enhance academic performance
Build confidence, compassion and courage
Improve focus and concentration
Reduce anxiety, stress and nerves
    Students, Parents, and Teachers of all ages and abilities will benefit from these yoga tools!


    Tool #1: Prana Power

    Your breath is the most powerful tool that can be used anywhere you go, because you are always breathing! Learning to tune into your breath can help calm and energize the body.  Learning how to connect with your breath is a valuable tool that can help all students expand their academic knowledge, along with helping educators increase their teaching abilities. When we are able to connect with our breath, we are able to connect better with others. This helps for more positive learning environments and helps to increase the Peace among the class!

    Calming Breath: Balloon Breathing:

    For when you need to calm the body and mind!

    Imagine you are inflating a balloon in your belly. Place your hands on your belly to feel your breath. As you breath in, slowly count, “1…2…3..” and then on the breath out, slowly count “1..2..3”. Repeat 3 times!

    Energizing Breath: Lion’s Breath:

    For when you need to wake up the body and mind!

    Close your eyes, stick out your tongue and roar! Repeat 3 times! This is a cleansing breath that clears out the clouds in the way of your inner sunshine!

    Tool #2: Mindful Movement

    When you move your body you help wake up the brain! The following poses can be done standing a desk, at an open space in the classroom, along with modifying the movement to be done right at the seat. 

    Mountain Pose: Helps increase confidence
    Tree Pose: Helps build focus & concentration
    Downdog/Plank: Helps improve handwriting skills and core strength
    Legs up the Wall: Helps relax the body. Relaxation is just as important as movement

      Tool #3: Mindful Mudras & Mantras

      Your brain is the most powerful muscle in your body.  Positive power starts in the mind by clearing out any negative clouds, and tapping into positive thoughts of light! The motor function of the fingers activate the nerve ending pressure points that are connected to the brain which helps calm the mind. Activate your Positive Power in the mind by this Mudra (hand yoga) and Mantra (yoga of the voice with a repeated powerful word or phrase)

      “I AM PEACEFUL!”

      Tool #4: Yoga heARTwork: Vision Boards

      Positive Power begins in the mind! What you think, you create! This is a creative way to tune into the heart to align the mind to lead with love for a successful school year! Reach the heart, then teach the mind! Ask your students what goals they want to achieve this year! Have students cut out images or words from magazines/newspapers of their goals or what makes them happy! They can also draw their visions/words/positive affirmations. Glue the images on the paper, in a collage style! This is a powerful visual tool for students to see their full potential! Hang up on bulletin boards, in the classroom, cubbies, lockers or on the refrigerator! Create your vision of your best self for the best school year!

      Tool #5: Magical Mist

      Essential Oils are plant based positive power! They are extracted from plants to help enhance health & wellness. There are hundreds of essential oils and blends on the market. Always look for “Pure, 100% organic” on the label. A little oil, goes a long way!

      Lavender, Peppermint & Lemon are the best for student success.

      You can use a diffuser for the scent to diffuse the room, or create your own Magical Mist spray. To create your own Magical Mist Spray, add 10 drops of the essential oil and fill the bottle with water and olive oil. Shake it each time you want to use it! Apply to the wrists, back of neck and bottoms of feet.

      Remember YOU are your most powerful tool! You have everything you need inside of you! These yoga tools help to awaken the body, mind and your heart to reach your full potential this school year! Want to learn more? Amy will be teaching these “Back to School Yoga Tools” in her Kids & Family Yoga Workshops on Sunday, September 22 at Laughing Lotus in New York City! For more information about this workshop and other programs, please visit:

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