We're passing the savings on to you...

December 06, 2015 1 min read 1 Comment

We're passing the savings on to you...

K-DEER packages

Talking about shipping = boring. Saving $ on shipping = awesome.

If you choose FedEx for shipping, whether you prefer to track your package or you need a guaranteed delivery date, your K-DEER order will now cost less.

As a small, but growing company, we are proud that FedEx has recognized the strength of our business and have given us a better deal on shipping costs.

Yay for us!

We are passing 100% of that savings on to you. K-DEER is dedicated to being transparent about our process, so we believe that your shipping fee should cover the cost of shipping and nothing else. 

Yay for you!

Although everyone will see reductions in shipping costs, our international customers will really see a change for the better: up to 70% off list prices for international shipping!

Happy shopping and shipping!

P.S. Deadline for 12/24 delivery: 3:oo pm EST on December 23rd using Overnight FedEx ONLY

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December 14, 2015

70% off international shipping is freakin awesome! Yay!!

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