How does the fabric feel & how do I care for it?

March 06, 2017 1 min read

K-DEER's all-way stretch fabric is made to feel like a second skin. Fast drying and breathable, our leggings are perfect for anything from hot yoga to running errands around town.

We recommend using caution as spandex is not made of steel and can be damaged easily. When exercising in your K-DEER, we suggest being very careful around rough surfaces such as: cycle seats, ropes, grips on weight lifting bars (knurling), and concrete or rough surfaces. We at K-DEER like to think of it as if you were to sit on the edge of a pool with a bathing suit on, the fabric will fray - same concept.

As for care, we suggest hand washing your K-DEER leggings or tops in cold water. Hand or lay flat to dry to extend the life of your favorite legging!