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"I can't wait to wear them dressed up with heels AND to throw down on the mat." Your excited new customer, Margaret"

I've been hooked on K.Deer since I purchased by first pair of leggings 3 years ago! I think I am well into the teens now... ah! I've always been a fan of the leggings because they fit in all the right places... waist to toe! But recently I've fallen in love with the short shorts. When I practice Ashtanga Yoga, I am encouraged to wear shorts for many reasons, one being that you develop more strength when you train to body to use its muscles in poses, rather than finding strength in friction from fabric (i.e. crow pose). I wasn't opposed to the idea of shorts, but I had no idea where the hell I could buy a pair that wouldn't ride up my arse and expose my cheeks, or give me an awful, awful cameltoe. And then I discovered K.Deer's Short Shorts... and now its all I wear!

"I just thought I would send a quick note of love and some serious fan girling!  I am a pretty avid fitness junkie living in hobo/working in NY. Soul, yoga, 305 are seriously my jam. I tried k-deers about 1 year ago after I picked them up at bandier. I now basically refuse to wear anything else. And just to let you know I am constantly asked where I got them (got asked twice in a matter of 5 minutes today!). They fit so well and the high waist could not be more flattering. I always have loved the product, but love it even more knowing they come from a fellow jersey girl. Can't wait to rep at the beach this summer! Keep up the great work!" -Christie

"I just had to say that your leggings are seriously the creme de la creme of work out wear. I have every high end, over-priced, brand out there, and I cannot believe the fit, and second skin nature of your bottoms! I WISH I could trade in all of my Michi, Alo, Vimmia, and Lulu for K Deer!! I hope to be able to purchase more capris soon for the Summer, and of course more leggings for all seasons! I just had to drop a line and tell you that you seriously make a superior product and I would not have believed it if I hadn't liked the stripes so much I just had to try a few pair for the "look". Thank you - thank you!! New Loyal Customer For Life" - Deirdra

"Ever since I bought my first pair of K Deer leggings, I have sold ALL of my other yoga pants and invested in only these!! I LOVE the high waist and long inseam (a 34" inseam is hard to find in yoga pants:) I have gotten so many compliments on my pants (I own pretty much all of them)"   -Molly

"I have so so many pairs of leggings, bum bums, and the tanks and crop tops. I am convinced there's no one more important to look good for than myself - especially in the mirror during my Bikram Hot Yoga class. As well as the gorgeous patterns - YOU GOTTA HAVE the basic black leggings. If it works, maybe one day there will be other solid colors leggings! Sign me up." -Wendy

"I've become obsessed with these capris: the amazing fit, vibrant colors, and fun patterns motivate me to go to the gym as often as possible in order to show them off. Love them!" -Meg

"I'll admit that I was skeptical at first. I ordered my standard size Medium, and they were sheer across the bum, so I sent them back. After waiting a few weeks (and mourning not wearing those fierce stripes), I ordered a Large. THEY'RE PERFECT. I'm 5'8" and a muscular 165-170, generous booty and powerful thighs. I do a lot of HIIT and weight lifting in mine, and I've also worn them out for beach activities, since they're UPF 50+. (They're also cute with sandals and a loose top, for errands.) I get stopped every time I go out in my K-Deer tights, and I'm so happy to spread the word about this amazing woman-owned business!"     -Casie F.

"From my first pair of Alexis stripe, I knew KDEER was going to hit it big. Circa 2012 i've been following KDEER and all the amazing work and dedication that is put into this company, there's no doubt these pants are taking over the world. Cannot recommend enough - GET YOUR HANDS ON A PAIR. Quality fabric, excellent stitching, and great customer service -what could be better? :)"               -@morgs1127 (IG)

"AMAZING!! Just got my first pair, probably the best things I've ever put on my body! Buy them, you absolutely will not be disappointed, in any way!!"                                                                          -Natalie

-“The best things I've ever put on my legs! I'm obsessed. 5'9" 128 lbs.” Small. - Susan

-“How will you decide which ones to pick? They’re all so awesome!” - @Jlw072 (IG)

-"These are my first pair of K-Deers and I am absolutely in love with them!! The stitching is fantastic and the material feels like butter! Will be buying more soon!” - Samantha R.

-“I had surgery a couple months ago and I haven’t had any motivation to work out like I used to. My new scars haven’t made me feel the prettiest. Then I see these leggings on my friends post and they reminded me of what I’m missing. These leggings gave me motivation. I just signed up for class again and I can’t wait to get back at it. Thank you for that.” - @Hollyjulian (IG)

-“…I don’t think a pair of pants has ever motivated me to run before.” - @Anastasia_lizbeth (IG)

-“I adore everything about these leggings! As an acrobat, I look for high waisted leggings that I can roll down if need be and this waistband is exactly what I need. I get compliments everywhere I go while wearing them and they look good with basically every top I own. I am 5'4" and 115 pounds- the small fits perfectly.” - Emma

-“These are hands down the best yoga leggings ever.  No seam to ride up the front and the high waist is perfect if you don't have the flat tummy of a model.  This print is stunning and I constantly get compliments on them.  I will never waste money on another brand again!” - Tyson

-“Oh my goodness I have sooo many!! I need to stop! But I must have gypsy jag! And Ellen! Aaaaand…. Uh oh…” - @Kawehi1226 (IG)

-“It is very true… Expensive addiction but well worth it!” - @Cassiescoyne.yogi (IG)

-“Just received these this morning and I'm already obsessed! Tried them on before I went to work to make sure they fit and couldn't take them off (totally wore them to the office)! They are sooo comfortable! I'm 5'7" and all legs, I was nervous I wouldn't be able to wear them under my heel but they stretch perfectly without sliding down my hips. Sooo pleased with my purchase! Great job K-Deer!” -Mandy

-“Absolutely love these...the color is stunning and the fit is perfect!” - Vanessa (Bum Bum)

-"These pants are so flattering and fun!  Perfect for yoga or to just hang around'll get plenty of compliments - both in how unique they are and how great you look in them!  BUY THEM NOW!  They are worth it!" - Amy

-“I have these pants and they are my faves! I get soooo many compliments on them!!!” – @Njdrossos (IG)

-“My favorite pants! Love that they perform in all conditions.” – @Apoulson (IG)

-"I was worried about the horizontal stripes making me look wide, but honestly these pants are super flattering!  The colors are vibrant and unique-you really stand out, but in a good way!  The material is high quality and very comfortable...” – Alison

-“These pants are incredible! People are going crazy for them! Can’t wait to see what you come out with next!” – @Daniellasloane (IG)

-"Super cute and fun. Very comfortable and super flattering. My boyfriend is also a fan." - Hez

"I found your leggings through a @dtufino_photo photo on Instagram and had to let you now how much I LOVE your style!" -Chelsey
-“Sooo I put on my purple Gatsby leggings… Probably the most fantastic thing to ever touch my body.” -@Anastasia_lizbeth (IG)

-“Can’t even stand how much I love those leggings!!” - @Allieyoga (IG)

-“These leggings make my heart explode in Technicolor.” - @Stoked_yogi (IG)

-"I have two pairs of the long pants from K-Deer and really like them....... I get compliments on these every time I wear them. I use them mostly for Bikram class. This is the only brand of long pants I can wear to a hot class- I'm a mega sweater and these don't get drippy and gross during class.” – Selena

-“Love these pants!! Can’t wait to try out the new High Impact line!!” - @Abbyq17 (IG)

-"I love the feel of K-Deer Haute leggings. This is my second pair. They are truly sleek & slimming & for ANY body type.......They have the perfect fit even if you're "between sizes" & won't be rendered useless if you fluctuate in weight throughout the year. I wear these for hot yoga, Crossfit & running. You can certainly wear these with a neutral, loose top & maybe some boots/heels/booties for the winter to play up an outfit in the fall/winter. They don't retain icky smells from your workout, which is a plus. I soak & wash my leggings in mild soap & warm water & hang dry only. I get TONS of compliments everywhere I go in these leggings! You won't be sorry." – Chancie

-"LOVE LOVE LOVE these capris!!! Colors are even more vivid and beautiful in person!!" – Jillian

-“Mine just arrived in the mail! I love them!” - @Jump4joy43 (IG)

-"PERFECT. Very much worth the money. I am 5'7", 120-125 lbs. and the medium fit great. Did some weight training in them, too, and they didn't get all sweaty and icky. They stay put, no wedgies or camel toe. I will be back for more!" – Lisa

-“I just got my first (and second) pair of leggings from here and I am IN LOVE. I love the high waist band and long length. Cute and practical.” - @Trisha_yoga (IG)

-“I wish I could “like” this over and over again. At 6 months pregnant my KDEER leggings are my go to for comfort!” - @Otherbolingirl (IG)

-"First of all I have never gotten so many compliments on my yoga pants as I did when I wore these!  If you want to be bold and get away from the boring black bottoms that are so common in class, these are the pants to wear!  The more I sweat in these pants, the more they became like second skin.  I am a believer now in the quality these pants provide in a HOT yoga class.  Can't wait to get another pair!" -Lisa R.

-“Love it! You are awesome and should be proud of your evolution in what you're doing and will continue to do! Much respect and love you and your great product.” - @surgestudio (IG)

-"These leggings are so bold and brilliant.
The Alexis stripe was my first pair of KDEER leggings and also the ones I get most compliments on. But to me it’s more about how I feel in them. The create length in the body and the fabric is silky smooth, the color of KDEER is outstanding and the best I’ve seen yet. I am 5'8 And 130 pounds. I love KDEER because I am built with a small waist and bigger athletic thighs and bum.  I wear a Medium perfectly." - Maggie V.

-"There is only one word to describe those leggings, they look EPIC!" - Alma

-“I wear these as swim bottoms, and they are the best!!! Hands down!! Thanks @k.deer!” - @cosmowoman78 (IG)
-"LOVE!! I have 37in hips and 30-31in waist and was unsure about sizing so I emailed....Kristine recommended a medium.  It was a good choice. They are definitely tight going on, but once on they're great. No pinching or bunching. They have a compression quality too... They really feel like a second skin, very light.  The best thing is the high waist.  It covered up my mama belly and smoothed it. But better than that, the waist didn't roll at all even with lots of bending and movement...... These pants did not move...amazing!  And they felt great even wet with change in the fit at all..... Super happy and glad I made the investment!"  - Alicia

-“You have stolen my <3 and bank account with these leggings and I don't even care! Love from Texas!” - @mabel_htx (IG)

-"These leggings are truly amazing. I am *so* glad I purchased them.
Reasons why?
1) NEVER ANY CAMEL TOE! Seriously, this is huge.
2) Supportive high waist. I feel less self-conscious about my belly.
3) Amazing colors, I want to wear them and practice yoga in them all day every day.
4) Made in the USA. This yoga wear is aligned with the values of yoga, which is a big plus for me. I *really* appreciate the company's efforts to minimize their environmental footprint and support their local economies. THANK YOU! 
These are no more expensive than Lululemon pants, but you get a *much* higher quality item. Feels good on the outside AND the inside which is so haute."

-"I hesitantly ordered the size small, but that's what my measurements translated to. They looked TINY when they arrived. But they fit like a glove. I love the high waist, the stripes and that they go over my heels and I am 5'8". I think they also make me look 5 pounds skinnier ;) Definitely an investment but well worth it. Thanks, K-Deer! Best yoga pants ever." - Laura

-"These are SO awesome!! And totally give an awesome slimming look for your legs!  Highly recommend them!" – Jillian

-“You know I'm #obsessed with you @k.deer! I'm on the road 9 months out of the year and the staples of my wardrobe are k.deer leggings and bum bum shorts! As a matter of fact my k.deer bum bum shorts and I went boxing on the beach in #todossantos #mexico last week! #travel #kdeer #escapetoshape” - @ericaescapeartist (IG)

-"Absolutely love these!!! Fit perfect!" - Stacey

-"These pants are amazing ~ super cute and very flattering!   Love them… they fit very well and hold their shape whether I am teaching or taking a yoga class. ..... I am about 5'5, 115 and ordered the small.  Very happy with the fit ~ snug but not too tight. :) 
Definitely will order again from K-Deer!" – Yogamama

-“Oh Deer what can the matter be? Only one life and two legs...wish I was an octopus at times! Could wear four pairs at once! Lol” - @thirstysnail (IG)

-"Love these! Fabric feels great on. They stay in place even in more vigorous workouts (weights, HIIT, etc.) The length of the capri is perfect on my 5'4" frame. I'm very surprised the capris aren't as popular (if not more popular) than the "legz." They are so flattering!" – Chrissy

-"Simply the best in form, fit. & function."  - Mitch (Boy Bum)

-"Excellent choice for Bikram Yoga - don't be afraid of the elastic free waist band.  They will stay up.  The construction is excellent and the material lasts and lasts.  They also cover well and stay in place during all postures.  Best of all - have to love the bold colors and style!" - Joe (Boy Bum)


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