Q&A with Yvette Jain - Mother, Teacher, & Blogger

March 11, 2019 2 min read

Q&A with Yvette Jain - Mother, Teacher, & Blogger

Yvette Jain is a mom of two, recognized yoga teacher, and blogger. She is an advocate for kids yoga and has taught yoga and self-calming techniques for children in private and public schools in NYC.

How did you start practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga as an alternative form of fitness after I had injured my right knee from running. I had been a runner for 10 years at that point. The physical practice of yoga is what drew me in, but the transformative effects off the mat is the reason I stayed committed to it for over 15 years. 
What inspired you to get into mindfulness with children?
As a mom of two young boys, 3 & 5 years old, I see how important it is to teach mindfulness to children. I make it a priority to find at least one moment each day to teach mindfulness to my little guys. 
Children of this generation are stimulated with so many activities and technology; big city kids are always doing something, mine included! And sometimes, life can be overwhelming for them. That’s why I think it’s important to balance this active energy with calming activities and to share the tools of mindfulness and breathing to help them keep calm and manage their emotions. 
Mindfulness can be taught in the simplest of moments, and it 1- allows you & your kids some quality time together 2- lets kids exercise all their senses and 3- gives them vocabulary to describe their experiences and feelings. 
Where do you see the future of children's mindfulness, and how do you intend on being part of it?
I see schools integrating mindfulness into the classrooms and families integrating it into their homes. 
I have taught a couple of kids yoga classes for my children’s preschool as a guest. I also support programs such as Wellness in the Schools, Child Mind Institute, and Bent on Learning. 
Little by little, with consistent effort, we can create a brighter future for kids - an education of both knowledge and character.
Ultimately, mindfulness starts at home. Children learn by example and they are always watching their parents. It’s important to educate parents to be more mindful themselves so they can pass that positive energy to their families. 
I host yoga classes for my community of moms and write blogs to empower parents with tools to keep calm through the ups and downs of parenting. It’s called “Keep Calm Warrior Mom”. (“Mom” is inclusive of gender and roles - so dads, step moms, bonus moms, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc are very welcome!) 
My intention is to offer tools from the practice of yoga, meditation, as well as parenting tips & strategies from interviews with experts. My intention is to connect and empower families to make a positive impact in their lives off the yoga mat. 
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