Womanhood, Help and Healing with Faith Broussard Cade of @fleurdelisspeaks

March 31, 2021 3 min read

Womanhood, Help and Healing with Faith Broussard Cade of @fleurdelisspeaks

March is Women’s History Month.  K-DEER is proud to be a woman owned and operated business.  This month, we celebrate how far we’ve come and our hope for the bright future ahead.  
Faith Broussard Cade is the creator behind the Instagram account @fleurdelisspeaks.  She’s gained a large following by posting handwritten positive affirmations or “love notes” daily.  What started as a 15 day self-love challenge has grown into a loyal following and an uplifting community supporting mental health, wellness and love.  
We had the privilege to sit down and chat with Faith to learn more about the inner workings of @fleurdelisspeaksand the realities of being a woman, a mother and wife in the face of traumatic brain injury recovery.

Tell us a bit about yourself.  Who is Faith and what inspired @fleurdelisspeaks?


I was a school counselor for 10 years with a baking business and food blog on the side.  Food is my passion.  It represents a culture and a lifestyle that brought families together.  Growing up in Louisiana, we always had food ready to serve in our home.  There’s a therapeutic power in food - the ability to love well and serve well.

On January 9, 2018, I was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer, and sustained a traumatic brain injury.  Despite the accident, I wasn’t partaking in proper self-care.  I was not seeing progress in my recovery as an overwhelming sense of guilt led me to continue pushing myself.

Eventually, I had to make a choice - learn to “be still” and take the time to rest and heal or face the stark reality that my brain may never fully recover.  This was a huge turning point - choose between the unspoken hustle of womanhood and motherhood or a fruitful future.  I chose to take a break!

Our family down-sized from two incomes to one.  There were certainly challenges but I learned to embrace the small moments, like accompanying my daughter on a school field trip.  Fleurdelissweets transitioned to Fleurdelisspeaks.  I used the tools at my disposal - a pen and a gifted handmade journal.  I challenged myself to start writing positive affirmations for 15 days.  These “love notes” sparked to healing process, from the inside out.  The notes began to create a different narrative and gained traction on Instagram.  I began hearing from followers whose lives were changing - they were walking away from abuse, choosing new careers - all because of these simple affirmations.  I couldn’t stop…I was making too big an impact and we’re so inextricably linked.  Self-healing and love was the catalyst for collective healing.  

Do you consider yourself a poet, philosopher or something else?

I’m still a small-town girl from the Louisiana bayou.  Still the same home-life.  One word:  a helper.  I’ve allways been a helper. I knew I was choosing a helping profession.  After the accident, I felt my helping ability was taken away.  Now, I’m helping so many more people than I could serve inside a school building.  The trauma I experienced led me here. 

Where do you find your inspiration?

Connection.  Feeling seen and heard.  Causes and organizations.  Listening to people’s stories.

Authenticity and transparency.  Honesty, with love and kindness.  Always living in truth.  Never having to keep up with a preset pretense or standard.  Seeing how my story connects with other stories.  

How have you eased back into work as a counselor?

After I resigned from my school counselor position, I stopped seeing clients until early 2020, when I started getting referrals.  I initially said no due to fear of not having worked in 2 years.  I started small with just one client then began taking on more.  I pivoted to a whole new umbrella category.

What's your advice for someone interested in pursuing a career in mental health advocacy?

Start by doing the work on yourself.  “Heart work is hard work”.  It’s more than just a college degree.  You need to deal with your own stuff.  You don’t want your traumas to get in the way and inform how you treat your clients.  My Masters Degree from Vanderbilt University required personal one-on-one therapy.  It truly changed my life and how I help people.  You must become an objective figure and a facilitator to healing in order to serve others.

March is Women's History Month.  Which (if any) female figure do you admire? 

Elizabeth Gilbert is my absolute favorite author.  I actually got to meet her at an Attune Wellness and Meditation retreat in 2019.  It was a  highlight in my life.  Her work is ground-breaking and inspirational.  She makes her own rules with no apologies.  She’s bold but extremely kind and gives lots of grace.  Mandatory reading - Big Magic.  

Follow Faith on Instagram @fleurdelisspeaks for daily affirmations and inspiration.  

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