Q&A with Tamara Mayfield-Dietrich

January 04, 2019 2 min read

I’ve been on a journey with fitness for the last couple of years. I love how my POUND Rockout Workout helps me de-stress, be confident, and help other people jump-start their own fitness journey. I’m HIV positive (almost 16 years now). It hasn't always been a piece of cake, but I like to let people know you can still live life and move on after a diagnosis of HIV or anything. I love K-Deer leggings and first bought them when I took my POUND AMPLIFIED PRO TRAINING. They fit like a new skin, they are so comfortable, and I absolutely love them. 
Tell us a little about who you are and why HIV & AIDS awareness is such an important aspect of your life.
My name is Tamara Mayfield-Dietrich and I’m a HIV LongTerm Survivor. HIV and Aids Awareness is an important aspect of my life because I have been living with this virus for 15, almost 16 years now. 
There is so much stigma, if you can educate or impart any wisdom on HIV, what would it be?
There is so much stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. The one thing that I want people to know is that you could be in my situation. HIV has no discrimination.  It reaches people all over the globe and the only way that you can protect yourself is to not be embarrassed about asking questions - ask your partner when the last time he or she was tested, and always ALWAYS protect yourself or stay abstinent. 
How do you work to fight the stigma of HIV/AIDS?
I work to fight the stigma with HIV and Aids through social media. I have a page on Facebook called I Am The Face Of HiV (@NotScarletLetters), and I advocate through it to show people that there is a flip side to this virus, and that you can live a life that is plentiful, manageable, and simply beautiful with this virus. It was once a death sentence but I’m trying to reach people to show them there is LIFE TO BE LIVED. I want folks to know someone is out there to listen to them and I’ll be your light in that dark space.
How has fitness impacted your life?
I started teaching at Pound Fitness in January of 2018. This workout has totally changed my life and it has given me a new outlook on my fitness world. I deal with depression and this workout helps me de-stress and sweat at the same time. I get to teach a work out where it’s a therapy session, rock concert, and work out all in one. I love this work out and have lost 50 pounds doing it and I plan on losing more after the new year. I encourage everyone to join some kind of fitness program whether you’re HIV-positive or not. Being healthy should be in the forefront of our brains 24/7! 

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