Happy Father's Day

June 15, 2018 2 min read

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day for my family is a blessing. 21 years ago my dad survived a massive stroke which changed the course of our lives. He lost his ability to speak (aphasia) and use his right arm. My mom, sisters and I have been his caregivers over the last 21 years and we are always so humbled by the lessons we learn from my dad. 
About 3 years after his stroke, my dad picked up a pen and began drawing. He never trained in fine arts but was a very successful portrait and family photographer for 30 years prior to his stroke. He began by copying photos from the sports section and eventually went to freehanded drawing that produced some truly amazing works of art. There is emotion, humor and self reflection in his work though he can't tell us exactly what his work means. 
Our Jody Stripe Leggings donate to the Adler Aphasia Center. We discovered this organization about 7 years after his stroke. It's a therapeutic center that supports it's members who have aphasia with the guidance of incredible speech/language pathologists (SLP). They work on communication skills, computer programs, music, art and other forms of communication. Most importantly, it's a center that provides community, socialization and support to it's members and caregivers.
To learn more about the Adler Aphasia Center, please visit: www.adleraphasiacenter.org
To learn more about my dad, you can visit his website: http://www.jeandeer.com or check out his work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jean.deer/
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, past, present and future. To my dad, thanks for inspiring me, supporting me and always showing me what patience, compassion and forgiveness truly mean.   
XOXO Kristine

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