Every Summer Has a Story

September 03, 2021 2 min read

Every Summer Has a Story

This has been a special summer. Aside from restrictions of travel and ‘ease of life’ this has been one of the most freeing summers I’ve ever had.

First of all, I’m just the most me I’ve ever been.. I celebrated my one year ‘coming out’ anniversary and my 36th birthday. I said “YES” to a lot and it was incredibly satisfying to bring that energy with me everywhere I went (within reason ;) and most importantly approach all of my choices with my favorite yoga principle in mind: APARIGRAHA. It means non-attachment and beyond the obvious need to “let go” of what doesn’t serve us, for me, it means to not be attached to the outcome of whatever it is I choose to do. I dropped my expectations, got present and appreciated the small details that added up to immense joy.

I could list out my highlight reel of places I went and people I saw, but the most special experience I had this summer was the time I spent with my parents.

If you haven’t read some of my other blogs, I’ve shared that my dad had a massive stroke in 1997. He has aphasia (loss of speech), paralysis and needs caregiving daily to prepare meals and manage regular tasks. My mom has been his primary caregiver and my sisters and I have been the support system that has helped the dynamic to work for the last 24 years. Anny, our Anny Stripe namesake, is his part time aide who is also so important to my dad’s caregiving.


This summer we made our annual pilgrimage to Mystic CT where we have been vacationing my whole life (and my mom since she was 7). My parents stayed in an accessible cabin and my dad primarily traveled via wheelchair for ease and safety. He can walk with a cane but at the age of 80, he’s slowed down quite a bit.


My mom, on the other hand, sped down the mile long zip line at Foxwoods and proved to me, once again, how cool she is. Through the week, my parents and I had awesome conversations, amazing meals together and enjoyed being by the water and soaking up the energy of several beautiful New England villages.


I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with my whole family this summer and am especially grateful for the relationship I have with both my parents. I have a profound sense of appreciation for the humans they are and all they have endured in their lives.


I guess I’ve come to truly understand I am who I am because of them.


Now, I’d love to hear about your summer! Email me at hello@k-deer.com and share something magical with me- what did you experience, learn or let go of? Sometimes it just feels good to put down on paper (or screen) all the things that you’re grateful for and I’d love to celebrate that with you.


XOXO Kristine

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