Colleen Stripe X LilySarahGrace

September 20, 2017 1 min read


The Colleen Stripe, our newest Signature Stripe, is named after Kristine Deer's 7 year-old niece Colleen. Colleen is a bright and exuberant young girl who has a passion for creativity. When deciding on the charity for the Colleen Stripe, it was a natural fit for LilySarahGrace, an organization that brings the arts into public school classrooms.

Watch Colleen's reaction the moment she finds out we're naming the stripe after her!

The Story Behind LilySarahGrace

On Christmas day, 2011, 9-year-old Lily and her twin 7-year-old sisters Sarah and Grace, lost their lives in a fire in Stamford, Connecticut.

To honor their lives, the sisters’ father Matthew Badger, along with his partner Abby Ballin, started LilySarahGrace to support what his daughters loved to do most in life: ART.

"When The Arts are used to teach a discipline, research shows children grasp a deeper understanding. For some children, the arts are absolutely essential for this is how they learn best." - LSG Website

Learn more about this incredible organization that carries on the legacy of these three precious sisters.

Learn more about LilySarahGrace here.

Shop The Colleen Stripe here.

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