Falling in love...

September 01, 2015 3 min read

Falling in love isn't so hard to do when you recognize the greatness in something aligning with the greatness in you. It's harmony :)

So this fall collection of prints makes my heart burst with Autumn-happiness. The vibrant, rich color story speaks to my different fall moods and that's what we were going for. 

Harvest is about gathering, celebrating the season and in Old English, 'Harvest' translates to 'Autumn'. This print is criss crossing, autumnal perfection. Wear with any of the pop colors, layer with black or brown and add a tall boot to make this an Octoberfest-Friendly, out and about look!









Bordeaux is sophisticated, rich and elegant. We saw this abstract leafy floral as the remains of the grape crush in October and it's as though you can smell the fragrant vineyard just looking at it! The computer screen does NOT do this color justice, trust me! Rock these to barre with a layers of black and cream, add flats and you are good to run errands after you've stretched and plied.





 Let me introduce Sophia! This youthful but mature print is dedicated to a beautiful young woman, Sophia Giorgini, who embodies the playfulness and the sophistication of this color combo. I'm honoring Sophia, a long time family friend (who I even babysat for many summers) who's mother, Kathleen is undergoing treatment for a cancerous brain tumor. I am, and at Sophia's age, know what it's was like to be a caregiver, so through Sophia, I am honoring the many young caregivers out there. We will update you soon with the charity that Sophia chose to share proceeds from the sale of this print.


Dutchess, my homegirl, my elegant Bae that never let's me down... I LOVE when an animal skin is slightly abstract and sophisticated enough to wear and not look like something Vivian would wear in 'Pretty Woman'. This print is beautiful and elegant and can be rocked to any fitness class or out to drinks with the girls. Best part, this print NEVER goes out of style.




Charleston. Classic, elegant, bold, sophisticated. What did I miss? This print is hands down the most versatile print of the collection, really suited for any woman on any day in any occasion. It's an easy print for everyday wear and I'd pair with boots, sweaters and maybe chunky gold bracelets. Don't be afraid to add a little print to your daily routine, this is the way to make it comfortable and classy.




 Last but not least, this is Kayley, older sister of Sophia (literally) and caregiver to her mother Kathleen who is in treatment for a brain tumor. Kayley was my first intern back in 2011, when I was still running my business out of my bedroom in my parents house. She has always been a loving, intelligent young woman and as I've watched her grow up, she's naturally taken on the caregiver role, even for her sister when she was much younger. I think it's really important to give thanks and bring awareness to the extremely important job of the caregiver. Especially from such a young age, it's a challenging balance between feeling obligated and honored to give care to someone you love. We will update everyone with the charity Kayley chose to help celebrate and honor caregivers with the proceeds from the sale of this print. 

 Nicole, our model this season, is our customer service, retail guru and has been with K-DEER for a year and a half. She works with Jamie to manage our website orders and she is usually who you get to talk to on the phone. She is a dedicated problem solver and currently getting her Masters in Education to be a Licensed Professional Counselor. We love you, Nicoco! XOXO

Fall is in full swing and I'm pretty sure nothing makes me feel more in the mood than with fashion. It gives me confidence, helps me 'show up' and excites my creative fire. All the names of our fall prints have some I hope you connect with one of our fall prints! If you do, share a picture with us- you can e-mail, Facebook or Instagram- just tag us! info@k-deer.com to share your pics if you aren't on social media. 

With lots of love,


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