5 Reasons K-DEER is Above & Beyond a Normal Activewear Brand

September 26, 2017 1 min read

Hello Dear! Have we met?
Welcome to K-DEER, we are glad you are here!

A few things you'll enjoy:

1. We don't follow a big corporate model and have stakeholders to please - we're just real women creating quality apparel for real women.Meet our team here (we promise it'll be very entertaining! (hint: we are all dressed in costume).

2. We give back! 5% of proceeds from our Signature Stripe Collection go directly to causes raising awareness and serving communities in need. Since we've launched the collection, we've donated over $80,000! Find out more about our charitable initiatives here.

3. We are also fully committed to transparent business ethics and everything we design and manufacture is made in the USA within a 15 mile eco-footprint.

4. Weuse eco-friendly fabric and dyes and our fabric is made without polyester. Find out more about the dangers of polyester here (hint: those recycled from plastic bottle leggings aren't so great after all). Plus all of our fabric is UPF 50+ providing maximum sun protection, because admit it, we don't always remember to wear our sunscreen!

5. We don’t subscribe to the idea that all Women must look the same - cause the don’t. We use women of ALL sizes and nationalities to promote our products and offer an inclusive size range from XS-4XL. See more about our philosophy behind that here. 

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