4 Tips to Reclaim Your Energy in the New Year with Juanita Borges

January 27, 2021 3 min read

4 Tips to Reclaim Your Energy in the New Year with Juanita Borges

 The fun of writing resolutions and setting intentions for the new year probably feels a little different this time around. Especially after the entire experience that was the year 2020, we’re all deserving of a pause to catch our breath. In this turn of the year, we must lean into our self-care routines to refresh our spirits. Whether it's yoga, self-date nights, or taking up a new hobby, holding space for yourself is essential in reclaiming and maintaining your energy. 

Reimagine your approach to resolutions by thinking beyond not eating sweets. Elevate your practice by setting intentions that you can grow with. For instance, I’m dedicating this year to explore sustainable practices that protect my peace and to cultivate abundance in all areas of my life. Taking care of yourself will never go out of style!

Here are 4 tips to support your journey in reclaiming your energy this year:

Start your mornings with gratitude
This could be done as simply as saying “Thank You” when you roll out of bed. Maybe you’re more of a journal person and find comfort in writing a gratitude list as part of your morning routine. The attitude of gratitude serves as a reminder of all the great people and things that make you feel wonderful. I highly suggest writing down a gratitude list or keeping a gratitude journal to have on hand if you ever need a reminder of the abundance in your life.
Get comfortable with affirmations
Staying motivated is an integral part of moving towards success and reaching goals. Sometimes on this journey, we may feel random waves of imposter syndrome and face limiting beliefs about ourselves. One of my favorite ways to overcome these feelings is to create affirmations to affirm and validate your efforts. An easy way to write your own affirmations is to begin with “I am” and use an adjective that you want to support you. Examples of the “I am” affirmations include “I am resilient”, “I am ready”, and “I am abundant”.
Let go of what is out of your control
We all have an experience of when we ruminate over something for far too long. Worrying about the details of what’s passed can propel worry and anxiety into the future. Take a breath and offer yourself the closure you are seeking so that you can fully enjoy the present moment. Let go of what’s no longer serving you so that you may intentionally use this energy on your priorities.
Be gentle with yourself
Reclaim your energy on your own schedule. Don’t feel down when you can’t cross off everything on your to-do list. If your body is calling you to rest on a particular day, honor this invitation to slow down and reset. There are no losses in bettering yourself, only lessons.

Juanita Borges is a certified yoga instructor, holistic wellness advocate, and creatrix of the wellness brand, The Caramel Yogi. As a graduate of Asheville Yoga Center, her passion for yoga has influenced her to live mindfully, eat organically, and be her authentic self. Her mission is to assist others in creating space for themselves by reminding them to know their worth... then add tax! Juanita designs her classes to be a nourishing and empowering place of community elevation. She looks forward to helping her students embrace their radiance one breath at a time.  Follow Juanita on Instagram @thecaramelyogi.

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